A family Project


Wonder Me Studio 

We are a family style design studio based in Brooklyn. A photographer and designer. With Covid we had to reinvent ourselves. While working on a gift for our daughters, we did our first 3D name design. Our daughters are our first critics and inspiration. 

We have worked for 20 years for the best brands in the advertising world : Nike, Puma, Sony, Cartier… 


We will also collaborate with designers to offer exclusive design.

Our first designer is Tony Derbomez AKA Chick from France. He designed for us the Stork Letters.

Tony Derbomez is an illustrator & graphic designer based in Lille/North of France. Interested in stylised design & pop culture, he explore many different styles, from children world to horror imagery. He has worked for lots of various medias, from packaging, online games, TV animation, AAA video games to publishing companies… He won an award from the NHK Digital Stadium (Japan) for the Best Foreign Design in 2001.

Link to the Stork design page